Peer-reviewed publications

Honesty by Convenience: Corruption Tolerance in Ecuador

Dedicated to the memory of Jorge Pazmiño (1941-2021)

  • Sánchez Pazmiño, D. (2023). Honesty by Convenience: Corruption Tolerance in Ecuador. In The Philosophy, Politics and Economics Review.

  • Capstone project presented for the obtainment of the Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree at USFQ. Awarded best USFQ undergraduate capstone project for the Fall 2021 semester by the USFQ School of Economics.

  • Working paper available here. Initial version submitted to USFQ capstone project’s DSpace available here. As of July 2022, a GitHub repository includes the source code to reproduce all1 of the paper’s prose and data analysis.

Immunizing the Economy: A Causal Discussion on Vaccines and Economic Recovery2

  • Sánchez Pazmiño, D. H. (2022). Immunizing the Economy: A Causality Discussion on Vaccines and Economic Recovery. X-Pedientes Económicos, 6(14), 65–82.

  • Source code posted in a GitHub repository and an RMarkdown notebook posted in RPubs.

Non peer-reviewed publications3


  1. Except one graph, due to data copyright reasons, but I do share some code that can make this graph more or less reproducible for people with access to the data. See the repository for details.↩︎

  2. The publisher’s website is often down, so I include a link to the published paper version.↩︎

  3. See media for details on some of these publications↩︎