As a mentor, I believe in two main principles: transparency and practicality. Transparency can be seen by both academic honesty but also through the practice of reproducible research, which is something I try to do by publishing my code and teaching materials publicly when possible. I also aim to foster the practicality and accessibility of my teaching by uploading my course materials to this site and to my GitHub profile when possible.

Below, I’ve listed my teaching experience and course materials if they were available to upload publicly.

Teaching Assistant - Simon Fraser University

  • ECON103 Principles of Microeconomics: Summer 2023 - Undergraduate level
  • ECON355W Economic Development: Spring 2023 - Undergraduate level
  • ECON310 Money & Banking: Fall 2022 - Undergraduate level

Teaching Assistant - New Dimensions/Laboratorio LIDE

  • Introduction to SQL (May - June 2023)
  • Introduction to Power BI (April - May 2023)

Some learning materials available in the program’s GitHub repository.

Instructor - New Dimensions/Laboratorio LIDE

  • Data Visualisation using Tableau, (August 2023).

Teaching Assistant- Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Quito, Ecuador)

  • ECN-1001 Introduction to Economics: Fall 2020, 2021 & Spring 2021 - Undergraduate level
  • ECN-1001H Introduction to Economics Honours: Fall 2021 & Spring 2021 - Undergraduate level
  • ECN-3091 Austrian School Economics: Fall 2021 - Undergraduate level

Instructor - ECEL Research Group (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Introductory LaTeX: Preparing high level documents- April 2021
    • Course materials available on GitHub